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This game’s getting complicated; I don’t want story things to slip through the cracks because you can’t remember each of the half-dozen conversations you’ve had with a god, or the text of a prophecy a witch made before you killed her, or the name of the friend you made in a remote but important town. Therefore…game website! This is intended to be an adventure log and reference for all of us (if nothing else, so I can remember all the names of my NPCs!).

This is a bare-bones outline right now. Rather than use a table of contents, I’m going to use tags, which should ultimately be easier to navigate. As the site suggests, I’m focusing on getting the basics up first, rather, than burning out trying to make everything perfect before I reveal it to you. Many of the pages are incomplete so far, but should give you a reasonable idea of what I plan to add. I’ll probably send out reminder emails on the days that I sit down and add large chunks of information to this.

The only mostly-complete section right now is Regions (see link below for splash page, or tags link on right sidebar for find the rest once you’ve started looking through them).


Main Page

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