Cruvig's Feats & Abilities

Dwarven attributes

  • Darkvision: See b/w in dark up to 60ft.
  • Stonecunning: +2 Search for unusual stonework (passive within 10ft).
  • Stability: +4 against bull rush or trip when standing.
  • +2 saving throws against poision
  • +2 saving throws against spells & spell-like effects (stacks with +5 from Sightblinder?)
  • +1 attack bonus vs goblins and centipedes
  • +4 AC dodge bonus against monsters of vermin type


Item Powers

  • Superior Invisibility: Can’t be detected, period. Still goes away when I attack though.
  • Auto-disguise: 3/day, can choose trusted or feared person, but can’t choose or know who that person is.
  • Boots of winterlands
  • Combat Throw (gloves) – Instead of pin; Throw one square for every 5 I win grapple check by. Target lands prone, square becomes difficult terrain.
  • Amulet>Sword: Grapple checks take -4 penalty with multiple targets. Instead of pinning, may choose to slam targets into each other, dealing nonlethal bludgeoning damage to each based on their size.
  • Ring of Collision (Any time Cruvig does damage, it increases by 5)
  • 5 ancient berserker urgrosh (1d102/1d8+2, +1d8 damage when raging)
  • Potion of Jump: +10 to Jump skill check, 1min.
  • Wand of Enlarge Person (1 min)

Barbarian Abilities

Whirling Frenzy State

  • Stats: +6 Str, +3 dodge AC, +3 Reflex saves
  • Evasion: Half damage if fail reflex, no damage if succeed (in place of Indomitable Will)
  • Can take extra attack during round, causing all attacks during round to take -2 penalty
  • Lasts for Con bonus (+4) + 5 rounds (9 rounds)

Cruvig's Feats & Abilities

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