Dwarven barbarian sorcerer


Primary weapon: Ancient masterwork urgrosh 2/2
Secondary weapon: +1 Masterwork composite longbow
Artifact: Sightblinder
Feats: Run, Endurance, Athletics, 2-weapon fighting, Urgrosh weapon focus, Power Attack, Improved familiar, Improved grapple (from gloves), Silent Spell, Diehard

Magic items: +2 leather armor, Magic gloves, Sword/Shield amulet, Ring of natural armor +2, Rod of extension, potion of full recovery

Str 18 +4
Dex 16 +3
Con 12 +1
Int 10 0
Wis 8 -1
Cha 17 +3

Skill List
Spell List
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Cruvig is a powerful warrior dwarf hailing from a network of caves in the God’s Teeth. His clan, the Shask, were wiped out in a raid by goblins (the dwarves primary enemies) and monstrous centipedes after Cruvig had led expeditions to secure more territory. Cruvig survived only having been poisoned by his brother Sharvig in a brash attempt to punish Cruvig for acting against his orders. Sharvig had recently become the chief after their father had died, but Cruvig still maintained a more substantial following through his bravery, skill, and stirring (though usually short) speeches.

After awaking to the decimation of his clan, Cruvig snapped and his latent powers manifested in a swirl of magic and muscle. He tracked down the goblin clan responsible and crushed all he could find. He procured several magical items from the goblin chief, assembled some basic supplies for traveling, and struck off from his home (which he could not stand to see in its devastation) into the dangerous mountains. He expected to be killed by something along the way, and he didn’t much care if he was, but as luck would have it he ran into a trade caravan on its way to Stone and he joined up.

Cruvig is brash, but extremely protective. He has always had a vision of eliminating the evil and dangerous creatures that force his people, and other peoples, to submit to their power. Cruvig knows honor, but recently has come to the conclusion that to fight these evils sometimes honor must be made secondary to getting the job done. In large part from seeing the effectiveness of Vivian, he is now willing to use subterfuge and trickery to gain advantage, in combat and otherwise.

Shala is Cruvig’s lizard animal companion. After the conflict with the bearer of the Mind Sword and the “gods”, Cruvig’s confusion erupted into intense anger after Sharv was killed by Hefesto. This seething anger and newfound commitment to knocking the scheming “gods” off their pedestal has led to Shala’s transformation. Sprouting wings, wicked fangs, and a stinging tail, Shala has become a pseudodragon full of trickery and venom. Cruvig and Shala will not be stopped.


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