Chapter 1: North

The party goes back down the mountain, meeting Fredric and Masumi, and shortly thereafter, Dreffut.

They return to Scrant to find Garvan missing. They track him to his clan’s stronghold, negotiate their way through a nasty bit with his suspicious clan members, and agree to go in search of the slowly-becoming-insane smith.

Deep under the clan’s stronghold, they find his body, appropriate Wayfinder from it, and escape.

On their way down the mountain, Lowkee appears to the group and congratulates Tabia on acquiring Wayfinder. She also tells them <insert>.

Deciding to continue pursuing Artifacts, the group does not immediately return to Stone, but heads towards Vivian’s homeland, where the nearest Artifact currently is, following Wayfinder.

The party encounters Urdrick, who charges Vivian to bring him the nearby Artifact, or die.

Wayfinder first points them to Lirrie, a former Circle apprentice. They suspect that the Circle has the Artifact.

Next, Wayfinder takes them to Windhollow. They find out that the Circle has been raiding towns to kill locals, using their bodies to create an undead army.

Finally, Wayfinder points them to the Circle. After a fierce battle, Dagmar is killed and the rest of her faction of the Circle flees.

Vivian acquires Soulcutter, and the voice of Thothe speaks to the group.

On the way back to Stone, Sharv tries to pick up both Artifacts at the same time and is seared. The group nearly kills him, but he is so apologetic they reluctantly keep him around.

They also stop to bury Cruvig’s decimated clan.

They also stop at the Walker’s cave, finding no Walkers, but a new tunnel leading to a strange, mirror-flat pool underneath the oracular well.

On returning to Stone, they hear widespread talk of the gods appearing to many clerics in Eropa. Kalahad and Alexa join the group.

The group departs for Tabia’s homeland of Kemmet, bearing a leather skin of well Water from Stone.



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